The C-arm is an imaging equipment for internal body structures used in the Emergency and Operating rooms.

Omotayo Headmatters Organization had planned to donate a surgical microscope to St. Jude Hospital in Vieux Fort, St. Lucia. However, Dr. Curby Sydney, consultant neurosurgeon at St.Jude, recently revealed that the hospital had to seek private capital due to the dire need of a surgical microscope in the management of neuro cases. “Currently, the utilization of this microscope tremendously benefits our patients,” he explained.
Dr. Carlene Radix, the director of the hospital, identified commissioning of the hospital’s only C-arm equipment as a current priority. The C-arm is an imaging equipment that visualizes the internal structures of the body in the Emergency and Operating Rooms. The hospital has been unable to use its C-arm as a result of the lack of an Uninterruptible Power Supply Conditioner, protective gear, and the required set-up of the machine. OHO has committed to removing these barriers in lieu of purchasing the surgical microscope that was the initial goal. The Board of OHO shall follow through accordingly in the New Year. You can help to fill our fund-o-meter in 12 months! We can commemorate Tayo’s life by saving scores of other lives, starting here.

Funds raised so far:

#FF0000 Raised $25,000 towards the $150,000 target.